Monday, December 26, 2011

See a 10th anniversary photo

Diva Birthday Cupcake Tower      
Diva Birthday Cupcake Tower
My first cupcake tower 2 years   
My first cupcake tower 2 years
cupcake wedding cakes peacock    
cupcake wedding cakes peacock
cakes cupcakes weddings          
cakes cupcakes weddings
cupcakes as centerpiece          
cupcakes as centerpiece
Wedding talk...: Cake Wars.      
Wedding talk...: Cake Wars.
Party Cupcake Centerpiece        
Party Cupcake Centerpiece
Wedding Dress  Wd-0007           
Wedding Dress  Wd-0007
Inilah Taukeh Kek Lapis          
Inilah Taukeh Kek Lapis
lapis lazuli bracelets,          
lapis lazuli bracelets,
inlaid with all lapis.           
inlaid with all lapis.
Sterling silver ring inlaid      
Sterling silver ring inlaid
in my wedding color: Lapis       
in my wedding color: Lapis
lapis cabochon with gold         
lapis cabochon with gold
Proses Membuat Kek Lapis         
Proses Membuat Kek Lapis
50th wedding anniversary.        
50th wedding anniversary.
50th wedding anniversary         
50th wedding anniversary
50th wedding anniversary,        
50th wedding anniversary,
50th Wedding Anniversary,        
50th Wedding Anniversary,
See a 10th anniversary photo     
See a 10th anniversary photo

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